Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Packing for home!

The day is here! Angie is out shopping one more time, Bailey is 30 mins. into a great nap full of panda chasing and a Ba Ba is Blogging and packing. The time we have had in China has been great but we miss our boy and family and friends. Today we say good by to good new friends and the birth home of our little Bailey but we hope to return when she is older. The friends we have made are VERY special to us and we all pledge to get the kids together every few years. It is very hard to write about the experience that we had. Words are truly empty when so much of what we are feeling is and flowing moment to moment. It is already hard to look back imagine our life pre-Bailey. We can see her so clearly at home in the pool, camping, tea time and with all of you! You all have been in our thoughts and prays and to my dear family and friends who have taken care of our little man Thanks is not a big enough word! Time to end our blog from China but not our thoughts of this wonderful place. Please pray for the Chinese people. May we be at peace here and around the world...

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